Jostens Begins with a Simple Tradition

In 1897, in Owatonna, Minnesota, a jewelry repairman named Otto Josten began the tradition of helping high school students preserve their most meaningful moments and memories through class rings.


From that year forward, Jostens became a cultural icon for capturing the celebration of life’s milestone moments, unique stories, and connections with others. We do this through the creation of commemorative products: Class rings. School awards. And other high-quality printed materials that helped establish Jostens as a prominent name in the printing industry.


Jostens Commercial Printing emerged to continue the legacy of preserving big moments. But this time, for brands, publishers and even solo artists: Helping them to encapsulate those shining moments and to share their stories with audiences through customized printing, product, fulfillment and warehouse options. All under one roof.

Commercial Printing Becomes Industry Leader

Jostens Commercial Printing has since grown into the third largest paper buyer in the US, accommodating the largest sheet-fed printer in the nation – all in house. This has helped us authenticate our reputation for quality, quick turnarounds and customer satisfaction within our two locations of operation – Clarksville, TN and Sedalia, MO.

Innovating in Partnership With You

Today, we continue to advance in printing expertise, innovation and product. It’s our way of upholding our commitment to excellence, and to partnering with you as your complete commercial printing solution.