Sustainable Printing Solutions

At Jostens Commercial Printing, we are dedicated to achieving sustainable printing solutions. It is our mission to reduce our environmental footprint and set carbon reduction goals that are both meaningful and achievable – at all of our in-house facilities.


We believe sustainability begins at home, which is why our Jostens Corporate Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, is an ENERGY STAR United States EPA-certified building. This certification is the mark of superior energy performance and confirms our building as one of the most energy-efficient in the US. This is just one of the many ways Jostens is actively preventing the release of greenhouse gases and protecting our environment, into the future.

Recycling Paper, Responsible Partnerships

As paper is used in many of Jostens Commercial Printing products, we are committed to paper recycling in house, while partnering with you to make environmentally educated choices about paper.

We are proud to purchase paper from companies who are actively doing their part to protect the environment. Like Jostens Commercial Printing, these businesses have sound environmental policies that address how their operations affect our air, water, land and forests.

Sustainable Packing Solutions

At Jostens Commercial Printing, we are committed to using cardboard packaging as much as possible, as a sustainable solution. Not only is cardboard recyclable, but it also cuts down on carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, while saving landfill space. We also print many marketing materials and product package inserts using soy ink. These are naturally low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and help to lower emissions that cause air pollution.

Do your part

Earth-Friendly Product Development

We conduct sustainability reviews as a key component of our product development process. It’s our way of making sure that every new product we bring to the market is created using environmentally friendly practices when it comes to materials, manufacturing procedures, packaging, marketing options and end-of-life disposal. We also continuously review our existing and pending environmental regulations in all areas of Jostens Commercial Printing to ensure we’re always in compliance. 

Awarded for our Excellence

Here at Jostens Commercial Printing we are constantly striving to achieve greater sustainability practices, so we are proud to have our efforts recognized by established organizations and interest groups that can certify our progress. 

In 2011, Jostens was honored by the Asset Recovery Corporation for our commitment to environmental practices. Asset Recovery provides end-of-life solutions for computers and electronics. 

We also received the 2010 Tekne Green Award for our sustainability endeavors. The Tekne Green awards highlight excellence in Minnesota’s science and technology industry.